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Welcome to Mathematics

Lecturer: Dr. Martin Hahn
Contact to Lecturer: FHWN email address or phone (tbf in syllabus)
Course Type / Credits: ILV / 5 ECTS
Next Course Start: June, 2017

Important: Please first enrol to the course "MATH 00: Course Introduction" using your desired enrolment key, you'll then get enrolled in all other courses in this category, automatically!
If you unenroll yourself from the course "MATH 00: Course Introduction", you get also unenrolled from all other courses in this category.

Introduction to the Maths course and tools and software we will use
(English) terminology of mathematics

Elements of algebra
Functions and equations

Coordinate systems
Graphs of functions

Linear equations and systems of linear equations
Vector algebra

Trigonometric functions
Complex numbers
Binary numbers

Differential calculus
Definite and indefinite integrals